The Department’s planning services function refers to a variety of long-range and strategic planning activities, ordinance development, and grant writing efforts.  This service is further charged with ensuring that the City fulfills all requirements of Federal, State, and Regional mandates regarding long-range planning and implementation, participation in State required development reviews, and participation review. Planning and Development takes point on any U.S. Census activity and data collection. Furthermore, planning services assures Statesboro’s compliance with and adherence to all Federal, State, and Regional plans that impact the City.

Additionally, the Department initiates or participates in a variety of jurisdiction specific planning projects aimed at delivering short and long term implementation strategies and policy recommendations to achieve sustainable and quality growth within Statesboro.


2017 Strategic Plan

Tax Allocation District #1

2021 Affordable Housing Plan

2021 Urban Redevelopment Plan

2021 Downtown Commercial Real Estate Market Analysis

2022 Downtown Master Plan

  • Comprehensive Master Plan: Explained

    Statesboro, Georgia, Comprehensive Plan

    The City of Statesboro’s Comprehensive Plan is the City’s primary policy document guiding growth, development, investments, policies, and programs as we serve the citizens and businesses of the City in the near future and set the stage for realizing the preferred future in years to come.  The document serves to demonstrate the important relationships and linkages between community issues.  Based in factual data and a vision for tomorrow, the document identifies pressing needs and opportunities in the City of Statesboro, turns those needs and opportunities into stated goals and then adopts policies and work programs to take us into a preferred future.  This document should serve as the guiding post to take us to tomorrow.

    The Comprehensive Plan is developed in accordance with rules and regulations established by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA).  There are multiple plan components:

    • Community Assessment – This part of the comprehensive plan is an objective and professional assessment of data and information about the community, which includes a list of potential issues and opportunities, analysis of existing development patterns, evaluation of current policies, and analysis of data and information.  This section is a concise and informative report used to inform the decision making process.
    • Community Participation Program – This section describes the strategies to be used during the planning process to ensure adequate public and stakeholder involvement in the preparation of the Community Agenda portion of the plan.
    • Community Agenda– The City of Statesboro’s long-term action plan for growth and development – includes the community’s vision for the future as well as its strategy for achieving this vision. The Community Agenda incorporates three (3) major components:
      • A community vision for the future physical development of the community, expressed in the form of a map indicating unique character areas;
      • A list of issues and opportunities identified by the community for future action; and,
      • An implementation program, including policies and action items, for achieving the community’s vision for the future and addressing the identified issues and opportunities

    Pursuant to the rules and regulations of the State of Georgia’s Department of Community Affairs, a new comprehensive plan must be developed every ten (10) years, and existing plans must be reviewed and updated to address any significant changes the community has experienced, reflect changes in goals, visions, policies and/or priorities that the community has experienced, and to report on the accomplishments of the last five (5) years as well as prepare a new Community Work Plan for the forthcoming work plan.


    You may click on the link below to view the adopted 2019 Comprehensive Master Plan.  Please send your comments and/or questions to: The Department of Planning and Development

    Adopted 2019 Comprehensive Plan

    City Council approval August 20, 2019.

    You may also view Statesboro’s other land-use plans by clicking here.

  • Draft 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update

    You may click on the link below to view the draft Comprehensive Master Plan. Please send your comments and/or questions to The Department of Planning & Development.

    Draft Master Plan

    The draft Master Plan is expected for Council Approval & Adoption in June of 2024.