The City of Statesboro Public Works & Engineering Department worked jointly with the Georgia Department of Transportation to install a new pedestrian crosswalk with HAWK traffic signal on South Main Street (US Hwy 301) at Parrish Drive.   In addition, Georgia Southern University also contributed to the project by providing access from the crosswalk to Forest Drive on campus.

High pedestrian counts at this location prompted the City and GDOT to perform improvements to increase pedestrian safety. HAWK signals (High-intensity Activated CrossWalK) are a type of traffic signal that is located at mid-block locations and remain dark to keep vehicular traffic moving until activated by a pedestrian.  Once activated the signal illuminates in flashing yellow indicating to motorists to prepare to stop, then a solid yellow indicating to motorist to begin stopping, followed by a solid red indicating to motorist that they must be stopped before the stop bar and may not proceed across the stop bar, and finally the signal will “toggle” red (flash back and forth) indicating to motorists that they may proceed once they stop at the stop bar and pedestrians clear the intersection.  When the “toggle” red ends the signal will return dark until activated again by a pedestrian.  Georgia State Law requires motorists to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks so motorists are advised to proceed through this area with caution, remaining alert for pedestrians even when the signal is dark.

The City of Statesboro extends our gratitude to the Georgia Department of Transportation and Georgia Southern University for their participation in this project and their ongoing commitment to pedestrian safety.  For more information on this project please contact the office of the City Engineer at (912) 764-0655 or

typical HAWK signal demonstration


S. Main St. HAWK signal and crosswalk under construction


HAWK signal user guide