Water and Sewer Superintendent:   Danny Lively, (912) 764-0693

The water and sewer department is responsible for water treatment, storage and the distribution system; and also the wastewater collection and pumping to the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The City’s water is pumped from 6 deep ground water wells (capable of pumping 10.4 million gallons per day), that is treated using Chlorination, Fluoridation, and Phosphate for corrosion control and then pumped to 6 elevated storage tanks with the capacity of 2.9 million gallons and distributed throughout the City, and parts of the County.  Wastewater is collected in the sanitary sewer system and pumped using 25 pump stations where gravity flow is not possible, then treated at the state-of-the-art, 10 million gallons daily capacity, wastewater treatment plant.

The City must meet stringent US Environmental Protection Agency standards for the treatment of drinking water.  Therefore, our operators are required to obtain state licensing by the state of Georgia in water treatment, water distribution, and sewerage collection system operation.

  • Fees & Rates

    In order to keep our rates low, some SPLOST funds are used for major projects.  The City charges fees for service based upon actual consumption.  Prices are set to cover the cost of personnel, operations, equipment and improvements and extensions of the systems.  Unlike private utility companies, the City does not have to pay property or income taxes, and there are no distributions to shareholders, since the City is tax-exempt and non-profit.  Therefore, all net income is either put back into the system, or transferred to the General Fund in order to reduce the need for property taxes to support other City operations.  Either way, our citizens and customers are the beneficiaries.

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  • Temporary Water Service from Fire Hydrants

    • $700.00 refundable security deposit per meter set and a one-time service fee of $60.00 per meter set
    • Actual water usage will be charged and billed using the applicable water rate schedule
    • To obtain a hydrant meter, you will need to come by our office at 58 East Main St, Suite B to fill out an order and pay your deposit and service fee of $760.00.  We accept cash, check and credit card.  We do not accept Discover or AMEX.
  • Water Conservation Program

    Free Shower Head

    To Qualify:

    • You must own and occupy the home
    • You must be connected to City water
    • We will replace up to two (2) shower heads per household

    $50.00 Rebate on Low Flow Commode

    To Qualify:

    • You must own and occupy the home
    • You must be connected to City water
    • Must have been installed within the past 12 months
    • Must provide receipt where unit was purchased and receipt where unit was installed. If installed by homeowner, the city will verify by appointment.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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