Mission Statement

Statesboro Youth Connect inspires youth to become engaged lifelong learners in their community. The program focuses on the core concepts of education, employment, civic responsibility, leadership, and diversity. Students obtain valuable skills contributing to their career path and personal development.

  • About Statesboro Youth Connect (SYC)

    Statesboro Youth Connect is a 5-week summer program for high school students. Students interact with government leaders, community leaders, and other individuals to obtain valuable skills.  The total number of hours committed to SYC is 30 hours each week. Participants will be paid $7.25 per hour. Content covered includes:

    • Fundamentals of City Government
    • Life Skills, Soft Skills, and Employability Skills
    • Career Exploration
    • Civic Engagement
    • Leadership
    • Diversity

  • Eligibility

    • To be eligible for the program, a student must be enrolled in high school (grades 10 through 12 by August 2023); and
    • Live in the city limits of Statesboro; or
    • A dependent of a City of Statesboro employee

Dr. LaSara Mitchell

Program Coordinator, Statesboro Village Builders

Phone: (912) 212-2378
Email: lasara.mitchell@statesboroga.gov