Welcome to the City of Statesboro

www.jasonhurstphotography.com ©Jason Hurst Photography 2017

Statesboro is a fast growing city with economic opportunity around every corner. From its industrial parks and higher educational institutions to its engaged business community and thriving healthcare industry, Statesboro is a great place to work, live, and play. And as this great city’s Mayor, it is my vision to work collaboratively to ensure sure that every person that calls Statesboro home or comes to visit our city enjoy all the wonderful experiences that our city has to offer.

The spirit of Statesboro is filled with rich tradition and culture. Whether you are under the Friday night lights of Statesboro High School or up early on a Saturday morning tailgating as the Eagles get ready to take the field you can feel the energy of the city in the air.  The city comes to life with the smells of great BBQ and the distant sounds of the drums in the marching bands. You can also enjoy the walking trails and parks of the city. Along your walk you can hear the joyous sounds of children playing youth sports or simply take in the beautiful scenery that the city has to offer as you stroll along.

The people of the city are truly its greatest treasure, with a diverse population that’s filled with people from all walks of life. Statesboro is a city that gives you the feel of a progressive and inclusive micro-politan.  In the fall the Kiwanis Club hosts its annual fair. The night lights of the fair fill the air as the enticing smells of the pancake house fills the fairground luring its attendees in for the best pancakes in America. Then, each year Georgia Southern University host’s its annual International Festival at Mill Creek Park where the sights, sounds, and tastes of our global village comes to life. For the runner in you we are also host to several 5K events such as the Chocolate Run, Turkey Trot and the Run the Boro 5Ks.

Statesboro is also home to the famous Blue Mile; a one mile stretch that starts at the entrance of Georgia Southern University and ends on the Courthouse square. Along this corridor you will find great eateries, shops, and the like. Spearheaded by the Blue Mile Committee, Statesboro finished third in the America’s Best Communities competition in 2017 winning $1 million dollars for the revitalization efforts of the Blue Mile. The future of the Blue Mile includes more pedestrian friendly walk ways, additional beautification, and so much more.

Statesboro is a special place with special people. So, I invite you to come see us and stay a while.


Mayor Jonathan M. McCollar