• What are the office hours?

    Cit Hall Hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM until 5:30 PM

  • Can I pay my bill over the phone?

    No. Payments are accepted during business hours inside City Hall at 50 East Main Street, after hours in the drive-thru’s blue drop box, or anytime online at Municipal Online Services

  • How do I set up my water service account?

    Water accounts are established inside City Hall at 50 East Main Street or online HERE

  • What's the cost to start utility services?

    The total cost to start a utility account is $150, excluding gas service. This consists of an $85 Water Deposit + $35 Sanitation Deposit + $30 Service Charge

    2018 Service Sheet

  • What's the cost if gas service is requested?

    The Gas Deposit is $85. If Gas is the only service requested, then the total will amount to $115 ($85 Gas deposit + $30 Service charge). If Gas service in addition to water, sewer, and sanitation service is requested, then the total will amount to $235 ($85 Gas deposit + $85 Water Deposit + $35 Sanitation Deposit + $30 Service Charge)

  • What else should I know about Gas Service?

    After all deposits and charges are satisfied, an appointment must be made to correspond between the customer and the technician. Why? The customer must be present at the service location while the initial service is being rendered. For more information on Natural Gas, please visit the Natural Gas Department link

  • Is my deposit able to be waived?

    Yes. To qualify for waived deposits, an active letter of credit must be submitted, proving zero late charges and/or zero delinquent notices have occurred in a 12-month minimum period of time. Letters of credit are only accepted from either a Power or  Utility Company

  • Can the deposit be added to my first bill?

    No. The appropriate deposits and service fee must be paid before services begin.

  • If I already have City Utility Service, can I transfer my account to a new service location?

    No. Each time a different name is installed on a service location, a new account number is assigned. Therefore deposits, charges, and fees are required for each new service location

  • What is the AEC charge on my bill?

    AEC stands for Account Establishment Charge. It’s a one-time charge of $40.00 which appears on the first bill of every new utility account.

  • How soon are services rendered?

    We offer same-day service, at no additional cost to our customers.

  • What forms of payment are acceptable?

    Acceptable payment options include: Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Cards* (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)

  • If I miss my cutoff date or my service is disconnected, how do I restore service?

    If your payment is not received before the cut-off date as it appears on your bill, you will be required to pay a collection fee of $75; deposits must be upgraded to the current deposit amount. Services will not be restored until these fees are paid.

  • Is there a bank draft option?

    Yes. To enroll, simply submit a voided check along with a bank draft authorization form. Payments are drafted on the 10th day of each month.

  • How far in advance can I set up my water account?

    The maximum advanced service request is a period of 2 weeks.

  • Are there any extra fees for paying online?

    Yes. There is a 2% fee for paying online.

  • How does the deposit process work?

    Deposits are retained on each account until the service is requested to be discontinued. At that time, the deposit will serve as payment of the final bill and a notice of any remaining balance will be sent to the forwarding address provided by the account holder.

  • When is my bill due?

    Due Dates remain the same each month. Bills are organized by the first 2 digits of your account number. Please refer to the information below to assist you in finding your due date:

    Due on 24th

    Due on 4th

    Due on 14th

    01           88

    02           89

    03           90

    04           91






    10    14     18

    11    15     19

    12    16     22

    13    17     30