• Code of Ordinances

    Statesboro’s Code of Ordinances can be found at the Municode website, Here

    Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the Table of Contents in the left frame. The Zoning Ordinance is Appendix A and the Subdivision Ordinance is Appendix B.


    The searchable version of the Municipal Code may not include all changes to the Statesboro Subdivision Regulations and Statesboro Zoning Ordinance as approved by the Mayor and City Council since the last update of the official printed version. Please contact us to confirm any codes in question.

  • Zoning Map

    A zoning map of the entire city (current as of June 2014)  is available for download as a pdf file below.

    Current Zoning Map 2014

    A searchable map is available at the Bulloch County Tax Assessor’s website.  Once you enter the site, click on “Search Records” and find the property you are searching for.  After finding the correct property on the list, click on “Map It”.  When the map appears, click on the “Zoning” box on the left side.

    If you need verification, please call the Planning & Development Department at 912-764-0630.

  • Cases Requiring Planning Commission and/or City Council Action

    All of the applications requiring Planning Commission and City Council action follow the same process. Even though not required by law, the Planning Commission provides a recommendation for Zoning Board of Appeals cases. After a complete application is submitted to the Planning Department, it is scheduled for the next available Planning Commission meeting according to the adopted schedule. Staff will research the application and prepare a report that is forwarded to the Commission prior to its meeting. At the Commission meeting staff will present its report and the applicant or his/her representative will be allowed to present additional information. After discussing the case, the Commission will reach consensus on a recommendation, which will be forwarded to the City Council for a final decision.

    After the Planning Commission meeting, all requests are advertised for a public hearing in the Statesboro Herald and a sign is posted on the property. The advertisement and posting must be done at least 15 days prior to the Council meeting. At that meeting the Council will hear a report from staff and any comments the applicant wishes to make. A public hearing will be opened to allow anyone an opportunity to speak in favor of, or against the request. After all comments are heard, the Council will make a decision. The City Council makes the final decision on all of the above requests whether acting in its capacity as the Council or the Zoning Board of Appeals.