Right Start Meetings

Avoid false starts on your business or development plans by participating in a Right Start meeting with City of Statesboro Development Team – held Thursday afternoons beginning at 2:30 p.m. (by reservation only). Potential business operators and developers are strongly encouraged to join staff from all development-related departments including: Engineering, Fire, Licensing, Natural Gas, Planning, Public Works and Water & Sewer, to get a comprehensive look at what it will take to make your vision a reality. This is your best opportunity to coordinate with all City departments at one time & location, and will help you make the “right start” in turning you business or development concept into formal plans ready for submittal.

Right Start meetings are intended to be informal and serve simply as a question and answer session in advance of the formal development process. Even if you have opened a business or developed a project in Statesboro before, things are always changing. We strongly encourage you to make a Right Start meeting the starting point for all of your business and development ideas.

To schedule a Right Start meeting, please contact City Planning & Housing Administrator  Justin Williams at: 912.764.0630 or by email: justin.williams@statesboroga.gov  You are encouraged to submit in advance, any building or site plans, or other pertinent information, that you may have available about the proposed business or development in order to make the discussion as beneficial and informative to you as possible.

Consultation Meetings

Considering applying for any zoning or subdivision action in the City of Statesboro such as: rezoning, variance, special exception, conditional use, annexation, or subdivision? The Statesboro Planning & Development Department invites you to attend a Consultation meeting first. Consultation meetings allow you to work with City staff before the application is submitted in order to identify any problems or hurdles that may arise during the application process; identify all materials and documents that will be needed; identify any viable alternatives, if any; and, ensure that City staff has a complete understanding of your request and that you understand the application process.

Consultation meetings are intended to help you make the right decisions for navigating the subdivision or zoning process before you dedicate time, energy and expense into preparing a formal submission for consideration by the Statesboro Planning Commission and City Council. We strongly encourage you to schedule your Consultation meeting prior to preparing or finalizing any formal plats, construction documents or site plans.

To schedule a Consultation meeting, please contact The Department of Planning & Development at: 912-764-0630 or by Email at planning.development@statesboroga.gov.