The Code Compliance Division of the Planning and Development Department is dedicated to protecting the public health, safety, welfare, and investment in property through effective code compliance efforts.  Code Compliance Officers respond to request for services and complaints of violations, as well as conduct pro-active patrols of the City and self-initiate compliance and enforcement actions with a determined focus on violations that jeopardize the health, safety, welfare, or investments of the citizens and property owners of Statesboro.

Proposed Property Maintenance Code

 The City of Statesboro’s Planning and Development department is proposing the adoption of a new property maintenance code to Statesboro’s City Council. The proposed code would replace the city’s current “Nuisance” ordinance which the city’s code compliance team currently uses to issue code violations around the city.

View Proposed Property Maintenance Code

View the City's Current Nuisance Code

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I read Statesboro's Code of Ordinances?

    Statesboro’s Codes are available at City Hall and anytime at Municode

  • What is a Service Request?

    If a city resident notices a violation and would like a code compliance officer to help remedy the violation, they may contact the Department of Community Development and request the assistance of a Code Compliance Officer.

  • What happens when Code Compliance Officers receive a Service Request?

    The Code Compliance Officer investigates service requests from citizens on a wide variety of issues. Depending on the nature of the complaint and the results of the investigation, the officer will visit the offending property and work with the owner or resident to abate any problem. If time restraints are not met the offender will receive a summons to appear in Municipal Court.

  • How do I make a Service Request? Must I give my Name?

    Service Request can be made over the phone, email, or by visiting the Department of Community Development. A person may remain anonymous when filing a service request.

    Phone:  (912) 764-0630    


  • Make a claim or service request online

    Code Compliance: Claim Submission
    If you wish to be contacted regarding your claim/complaint, please fill in one or both contact fields.
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