The Natural Gas Department maintains gas pipelines in Bulloch, Candler and Screven counties serving approximately 3,500 residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial customers.  The City purchases its gas wholesale, then sells it retail to its industrial, commercial and residential customers.

The natural gas industry was fully de-regulated by Congress in 1988, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has implemented policies since then to encourage open competition for gas supply. Since de-regulation, local distribution companies such as the City have had to join with other buyers to get the best possible price in what can be a highly volatile gas supply market.

The City is a member of the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAG), which is a joint agency established by the State of Georgia to assist municipal gas systems. MGAG negotiates contracts for gas supply, and also can hedge those prices using the commodities market, in an attempt to meet our customers’ demand for gas at the lowest price.

The City uses a flexible gas rate, so that it can receive a realistic margin on each term it sells. The margin is added to the base rate, which is the wholesale price of gas for the month. In this way, the City charges what it needs to pay the personnel, maintain the system, and expand the system, in addition to buying the gas. Unlike private gas companies that must pay property and income taxes, as well as distributions to shareholders, the City is tax-exempt and our citizens are the shareholders. Therefore, all net income is either put back into the system, or transferred to the General Fund in order to reduce the need for property taxes to support other City operations. Either way, our citizens and customers are the beneficiaries.

  • Identifying A Possible Gas Leak

    Teach everyone in your Household the ways to identify a possible gas leak:

    • LOOK for blowing dirt, bubbling in creeks or ponds, dry spots in moist areas or dead plants surrounded by green live ones.
    • LISTEN for hissing sound that is near gas lines, any appliances or meters.
    • SMELL for a rotten egg color.
    • LEAVE the area. When in doubt – GET OUT!
    • TELL authorities.  Call 911 or 912-764-0693.

    The City of Statesboro Natural Gas has a Damage Prevention Program, REQUIRED BY LAW, to lessen the risk of damage by excavation to our underground utilities.  In addition to our local laws, the State of Georgia has a mandatory Call Before You Dig Law.  This law requires all persons who plan to dig to call the Georgia “Utilities Protection Center” (UPC) at 1-800-282-7411 or 811 and request that all utilities in the work area be marked.

  • New Gas Service

    • Residential and small commercial tap fees are $300.00 and can be reduced based on appliance usage:  $300.00 for water heaters, $150.00 for furnaces, $100.00 for any other gas appliance and $50.00 for gas lights($300.00 max.)
    • Tap fees include 100 feet of service line and a standard meter set.
    • For special circumstances an estimate for service will be given such as: high pressure taps, additional footage, main extensions, etc.
    • Large commercial is based on 3 year payback method based on estimated gas usage.To find out if gas is available to you, please call 912-764-0693.
  • Fees

    Gas base charges(per month):

    • Residential     $6.00
    • Residential/Commercial Generator only    $25.00
    • Small Commercial     $10.00
    • Large Government     $25.00
    • Poultry Growers     $25.00
    • Commercial HLF      $25.00
    • Interruptible and GSU     $250.00
  • Rebates & Financing


    • Natural Gas Tankless – Up to $400
    • Natural Gas Tank Type – Up to $400
    • Natural Gas Furnace – $200
    • Natural Gas Stove – $50
    • Natural Gas Dryer – $50
    • Natural Gas Grill – $50
    • Natural Gas Logs – $50
    • Maximum Yearly Rebate – $600


    *You must qualify for financing by either:

    1. Good payment history with the City of Statesboro for at least 12 months.
    2. Good payment history with another utility company for at least 12 months.

    Option 1 –

    • Any products that we carry in our office
    • $400.00 maximum
    • Up to four (4) months, interest free

    Option 2 –

    • Any new energy star natural gas products and installation fees
    • $6,500.00 maximum
    • Up to (60) sixty months, interest free
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

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