The Planning and Development Department serves as the City department primarily responsible for all community matters and economic development related matters.  We aim to provide quality customer service for land use and economic development projects located within the municipal boundaries of the City or those wishing to annex into the City.

Development Staff works closely with private developers and citizens with land use and business development needs through a variety of informal review methods, customer meetings, hosting Right Starts, and by providing one stop permitting and Project Management Services for all things building permit related.

Planning and Development also works closely with our private and public partners and citizens to build and maintain a high quality of life and a bright future for the citizens of Statesboro.

Current Projects

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 2023

The City of Statesboro is applying for $750,000 in grant funding for the Whitesville Revitalization Project. This project will work towards the improvement of roads, the Whitesville Park, and housing in the area. The Whitesville Community is one of the areas identified in the City of Statesboro Urban Redevelopment Plan as a Redevelopment area. This grant funding will allow for a number of residents to better enjoy the amenities of the area, and improve some of the housing in the area.

Interested residents of the Whitesville Community can fill out the below pre-application form and owner commitment form. If there are any questions please call the Department of Planning and Development at 912-764-0630.

Pre-application form

Homeowner Commitment Form