Flood Plain Damage Prevention Ordinance

The City of Statesboro is a part of the National Flood Insurance Program. The purpose of this program is to help the City of Statesboro promote sound land use and flood plain management, which in turn helps reduce the rates of flood insurance for property owners. The City of Statesboro uses a flood insurance study first conducted in 1989. This study covers the flood profiles of Little Lotts Creek, Tributaies A-J and Mill Creek Tributary, Branch 1-4. In addition to the profile data, the 1989 study includes Flood Boundary and Floodway Maps and Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). The purpose of the flood information is to predict the existence and severity of flood hazards within the City of Statesboro . Flood information is a public record for all citizens. To inquire about flood information for a particular address, either call the Engineering Department at (912) 764-0655 or visit FEMA’s website at http://www.fema.gov.

The City of Statesboro first adopted a Flood Plain Damage Prevention Ordinance in 1987.  This ordinance regulates the development in the proximity of the flood plain.  The City of Statesboro’s Flood Plain Management Damage Prevention Ordinance can be viewed in its entirety at http://www.municode.com under Chapter 46 – Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.