The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for preventive maintenance, repair services, 24/7 service calls, and warranty and recall compliance for all vehicles and equipment within the City of Statesboro fleet.  Fleet Maintenance is responsible for any welding and fabrication necessary, management of fuels and fluids contracts, and vehicle/equipment specifications and surplus/disposition.  The Fleet Maintenance facility is equipped to service gasoline, diesel and compressed natural gas vehicles.  Fleet Maintenance promotes professional training and certification and employs ASE and EVT certified mechanics.

The Fleet Management Fund accounts for the receipts and disbursements to operate the City’s centralized vehicle and equipment fleet maintenance program and motorpool program.  The Fleet Management fund is an  internal service fund with all costs, including depreciation, charged to the using departments through labor, parts, and overhead charges similar to a commercial service facility, but at substantially lower rates.  This results in significant cost savings to each department while maintaining consistent service and maintenance records.

For fleet maintenance inquiries contact Ronnie Lane, Fleet Superintendent, at 912.764.0681.