• Services

    Sanitation collection services provided by the City of Statesboro include:

    • Collection and disposal of residential refuse from homeowners.
    • Collection and disposal of commercial refuse from businesses.
    • Collection and disposal of yard waste (leaves and limbs).
    • Removal of furniture and white goods for single and two-family residences (upon request).
    • Roll-off collection and disposal services (upon request).
    • Special pickup services may be provided (additional fees may apply)

    Residential collection service is provided using automated side loading trucks and polycarts which are collected curbside for once per week service.

    The City of Statesboro provides commercial collection service using front loading trucks and dumpsters which are collected on a schedule agreed to between the customer and City. Customers are charged an amount determined by the cubic yard size of the dumpster(s) and the number of times per week it is serviced.  Refer to the Schedules of Fees and Charges for current dumpster fee rates.  Multi-family complexes are charged a fee per unit.

    Yard waste and furniture are collected curbside throughout the City using knuckleboom loader trucks.  Building materials, construction and demolition materials, and other bulk waste materials are collected by request.  Contact us or refer to the City of Statesboro Solid Waste Ordinance for more information.

    For Sanitation collection inquiries contact John Dekle, Sanitation Superintendent, at 912.764-0681.

  • Garbage Schedule & Fees

    Garbage schedules and routes vary. To verify the garbage collection schedule for your neighborhood please contact Public Works at 912.764.0681. Lost or stolen Polycarts must be replaced by purchasing a new cart from Public Works.

    Solid Waste Fees

    Holiday Collection Schedule 2024

  • Roll-Off Containers

    Roll-Off Containers Make Cleaning Easy

    Achieve greater results on your next construction project by calling us for help. Offering roll-off containers of all sizes, we have the products necessary to remove large chunks of junk from your property. Get the quick and honest service you deserve by contacting us today.

    • Allow us to help with your house cleanup or kitchen remodel.
    • Our staff will personally deliver and retrieve your container.
    • We provide containers of all sizes to suit any project.
    • Varying rental lengths give you time to finish your renovation.
    • Consider using our containers for your roofing project.
  • Compactor Service

    Quick and Efficient Compactor Service

    Decrease the size and scope of your waste by using a rolloff compactor. Not only will this limit the amount of garbage bags you produce, but you’ll also save money on collection costs. Crush and compress your way to savings by contacting us about a commercial trash compactor.

    • Using the best compactors the industry has to offer.
    • Our equipment is easy to operate and safe to use.
    • Crushing your garbage will result in fewer trips to the dump.
    • Let our compactors help with your waste management needs.
    • We’re committed to making life easier for residents of Statesboro, GA.
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