In 2015 the City of Statesboro passed an ordinance creating a Stormwater Utility and approved a resolution  adopting a new stormwater utility fee to fund stormwater maintenance, improvements and management programs.   The stormwater utility and user fee are integral components to the City’s Comprehensive Stormwater Management Program. This program addresses stormwater runoff quality and quantity to mitigate the impacts of pollution and flooding on the public municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4), private property, and downstream receiving waters of the State of Georgia and/or United States.  These objectives were promulgated by the Clean Water Act of 1972.  The link below provides additional information from the US Environmental Protection Agency regarding the importance of providing safeguards to protect water quality and the impacts of pollutants in urban runoff.

Protecting water quality from urban runoff

  • Stormwater Masterplan Final Report

  • Stormwater User Fee Credit Manual

    The stormwater utility fee is billed monthly to all developed properties in the City.  If you have performed improvements to reduce runoff from your property you may qualify to receive a credit on your stormwater utility bill.  The link below provides information on user fee credits that are available.  If you believe you may qualify to receive a credit please contact the Stormwater Manager for more information.

    Stormwater User Fee Credit Manual

  • Stormwater Complaints

    The Stormwater Division seeks to address and resolve deficiencies within the municipal storm system.  If you have a need for stormwater related service and would like to request work to be performed please complete the form below and submit to the attention of the Stormwater Manager.

    Stormwater Complaint Form