Inert Landfill and Transfer Station services include:

  • Receives solid waste including household garbage, yard waste, construction & demolition waste, metals, and tires.
  • Loads garbage into transfer trailers and transports the garbage to Wayne County
  • Yard waste is disposed of on site in a permitted inert landfill facility
  • Tires are collected and transport to a licensed tire processing and recycling facility
  • Metal items (white goods) are collected and transported to a recycling facility
  • Hazardous and industrial waste is not accepted

The Solid Waste Disposal Fund accounts for the receipts and disbursements to operate the jointly owned Statesboro-Bulloch transfer station and inert landfill on Lakeview Road, post-closure costs of the Lakeview Road landfill, costs to transport and dispose of the solid waste at the Waste Management Superior Landfill, and funding for Keep Bulloch Beautiful.  Transportation is provided by contract with a trucking company.  Disposal is provided by long-term contract with the Waste Management. This fund is financed by SPLOST proceeds and tipping fees assessed at the transfer station and inert landfill.  The use of SPLOST proceeds for disposal and post-closure costs mitigate the need for higher tipping fees, which helps deter illegal dumping.


  • Tipping fee for municipal solid waste processed at the transfer station is $44.00 per ton.
  • Tipping fee for inert waste is $25.00 per ton.
  • Tires received are charged a separate tipping fee, $230.00 per ton.

See FY2024 Solid Waste Disposal Fees for a complete disposal fee schedule.

For Landfill/Transfer Station inquiries contact Jeff McCarty, Transfer Station/Landfill Superintendent, at 912.764.5279. or 912-536-2683