Daylight Saving time Begins March 14, 2021

Report Street Light Outages

Ensure your area is safe and secure by notifying Georgia Power of a street light outage.  Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 14 so prepare now by keeping your residential neighborhood and business property safe and secure.

Follow the easy steps below to report a street light in need of repair.

  1. Go to Street Light Outage
  2. Click on Search and enter address, including city, or use arrow icon to allow the map to pull the location you are currently at. (The crews will be given exact GPS coordinates to the light selected on the map)
  3. Zoom in to find the light you would like to report, click the light
  4. Click Report This Light
  5. Enter your name, contact phone number and email in case we have questions about the light in need of repair.