The City of Statesboro will be performing street restriping, as a safety enhancement, on the roads listed in the following table. For more info on this project or to have a street evaluated for restriping please contact our office.

Street Name Beginning Point End Point
Stambuk Ln. Veterans Memorial Pkwy City’s R/W Line
Gentilly Rd. Brannen St. E. Grady St.
Tillman Rd. Hwy 301 S. College St.
Knight Dr. Chandler Rd. Harvey Dr.
Cobb St. MLK Jr. Dr. Laircey St.
Oak St. Hill St. E. Main St.
Brannen St. Fair Rd. S. Zetterower Ave.
S. College St. Tillman St. Azalea Dr.
Bernard Ln. Northside Dr. Brannen St.
Fleming Dr. Carmel Dr. Lester Rd.
Laircey St. Northside Dr. Cone St.
Cone St. W. Parrish St. MLK Jr. Dr.
Mathews Rd. E. Parrish St. Fletcher Rd.
Fletcher Dr. Francis Scott Dr. Mathews Rd.
Institute St. Mikell St. W. Grady St.
Broad St. Savannah Ave. Brannen St.
Williams Rd. Hwy. 80 MLK
Tillman St. Hwy. 301 S. College St.
Walnut St. Church St. to W. Jones Ave. Mikell St. to Brannen St.
Hill St. Hwy. 80 S. Zetterower Ave.
Mikell St. S. Main St. Institute St.
Deanna Dr. Northside Dr. E. Grady St.
Azalea Dr. Hwy. 301 Terminus

E. Grady St.

Donehoo to S. Zetterower & RR tracks to Institute Ln.  

Gentilly Rd. to Simmons Rd.

Mulberry St. E. Main St. to Hill St. E. Grady St. to E. Jones Ave.
MLK W. Main St. Bulloch St.
MLK W. Parrish St. Hwy. 80
Bermuda Run Brampton Ave. Hwy. 67
Bruce Dr. Vista Circle Terminus
Cromartie Dr. Bruce Dr. W. Jones Ave.
Lanier Rd. Zetterower Rd. N. Main St.
Bulloch St. Institute St. Johnson St.

For more information on this project, please contact the Office of the City Engineer at (912) 764-0655 or email at