Bulloch Street, West Grady Street and Institute Lane form the perimeter of the proposed stormwater detention facility that will be funded from Stormwater Utility fees for $129,164.00 to A.D. Construction. This project will detain stormwater along Little Lotts Creek to help upstream and downstream flooding and also serve as a passive park for the public.

This project will consist of clearing and grubbing and grading approximately 1.3 acres. The proposed improvements along Institute Lane will consist of approximately 227 SY of concrete sidewalks and 404 LF of 24” curb and gutter. An existing 15” concrete culvert pipe will be replaced and extending while adding 2 concrete head wall and a curb inlet box.

This project will take 90 days to complete. Expect possible lane or full road closures, especially on institute Lane. If you have any questions please feel free to contact this office at 912-764-0655.