Current Bid Opportunities

  • Request for Proposals: Engineering 4 Opportunities

    Request for Proposals: Engineering 4 Opportunities
    ENG – 122h: East Jones Ave. Sidewalk from S. Main St. to S. Zetterower Ave.

    ENG-122k: W. Main St. Sidewalk from Ivory St. to Foss St.
    STM-26: West Main Street at Foss Street Intersection Drainage Improvements

    STM-29: Lydia Street at Hart Culvert Improvements

    ENG-122c: Hwy. 24 Sidewalk from US 80 to Packinghouse Rd.

    February 2, 2022, 3:00 PM EST
    City of Statesboro Central Services Purchasing Office
    22 West Grady Street, Statesboro, Ga 30458


    1. Submitted proposals shall have a maximum of 25 pages per project, including but not limited to addenda, photos, and cover pages. Two sided pages (front and back) shall count as two individual pages.

    2. The due date is extended to: Monday, February 7, 2022 at 3:00 PM EST.

    3. All Evaluation Criteria included in your submitted proposal(s) should be tabbed separately to allow for more efficient and thorough evaluations.

  • RFPs for Engineering Services (Each of the 4 RFPs shall be evaluated individually)


    Please view the attached RFQ for Branding/Marketing Services for the City of Statesboro. Please pay close attention to all listed deadlines and requirements listed in the RFQ package below. Since this opportunity is in the format of a request for proposals, it is imperative that all firms submit all required information in order to be properly evaluated. Please be sure to group your submittal to include a separate section for each evaluation criteria listed as this will provide a more efficient opportunity to evaluate your submittal accurately. Thank you, in advance, for your interest in our RFQ process as we are looking forward to your submittal. This RFQ package will be listed on the City of Statesboro’s website as will all addenda if any are issued. It shall be the sole responsibility of each firm to make sure they have all addenda issued by visiting the City website as these addenda, if any, will not be sent directly to participating firms.

    Download RFQ PDF HERE

    Addendum 1 of 1 pdf

    Addendum 1 of 1 doc

    Addendum 2 of 2

    Addendum 3 of 3


  • FDM-20 Parking Lot Paving

    City of Statesboro

    Invitation to Bid # 2021-90

    FDM-20 Parking Lot Paving



    The City of Statesboro is soliciting sealed bids from qualified contractors to renovate the Public Works Facility to allow for Ladder Truck access.


    “Sealed” bids will be received by the City of Statesboro Central Services Department at 22 West Grady Street, Statesboro, Georgia, 30458 (Attention: Darren Prather, Director of the Department of Central Services) until 3:00 PM EST, Tuesday November 30, 2021, to perform work under the contract for “FDM-20 Parking Lot Paving”. There will be a mandatory pre-bid meeting on November 17, 2021 at 3 PM EST at the Public Works Facility located at 5 Braswell St. Statesboro, GA 30458.


    Proposal forms, plans and specifications are included in the RFP packet. All bids shall be accompanied by a bid bond of five percent (5%) of the total bid. See specifications for the requirements concerning other bonds and insurance. There will be a 20% minimum MFBE participation requirement included in this bid opportunity.


    Bids will be opened at 3 PM EST, Tuesday, November 30, 2021, in the City of Statesboro Municipal Court located at 22 West Grady St., Statesboro, GA 30458. The City of Statesboro reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive technicalities or informalities. For more information, contact the City of Statesboro Director of the Department of Central Services, Darren Prather, at (912) 764- 0642.

  • Statesboro Innovation Incubator Expansion Project



    RFQ 2021-68: Statesboro Innovation Incubator Expansion Project




    The City of Statesboro seeks to pre-qualify architectural design firms for the renovation of existing buildings and construction of addition within the City at 64 East Main Street.  These buildings are to be renovated and constructed for use as part of the Business Innovation Incubator. The deadline to submit all responses to this RFQ shall be October 25, 2021 at 3PM EST. Submittals received after this time shall not be accepted. RFQ responses shall be delivered to Darren Prather, Central Services Director located at 22 West Grady St., Statesboro, GA 20458. A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on October 6, 2021 at 3PM EST in the Central Services Director’s Office located at 22 West Grady St. Statesboro, GA 20458.


    This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) seeks to identify potential providers of the above-mentioned services. Firms that respond to this RFQ, who are determined by the City to be especially qualified, may be deemed eligible and may be invited to interview and offer proposals for these services. RFQ responses will be evaluated based on the Stability of the firm (25%), the firm’s relevant project experience (45%) and the firm’s suitability to meet the needs of the owner of this project (30%). The full details of these criteria are contained in the issued RFQ. All respondents to this RFQ are subject to instructions communicated in this document and are cautioned to completely review the entire RFQ and follow instructions carefully.  The City of Statesboro reserves the right to reject any or all statements of qualifications or proposals, and to waive technicalities and informalities at their discretion.  This project will be partially funded with Federal funds from the United States Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration and therefore is subject to the Federal laws and regulations associated with that program.  EDA award number: 04-79-07475



  • Professional Housing Rehabilitation Services

    Addendum 1 of 1

    Addendum 2 of 2


    1. Introduction and Background:

    The City of Statesboro, GA requests proposals from experienced planning and community development firms (“consultant”) interested in providing professional housing rehabilitation services for selected neighborhoods within the City. Consulting firms should have experience in successfully undertaking similar types of programs for other communities.

    The City has recently received approximately $12M in federal American Rescue Program Act (ARPA) funds and wishes to allocate $2.5M from each tranche received over the next two years for the establishment and operation of a neighborhood revitalization/housing rehabilitation program.  The City has recently completed an Affordable Housing Plan and has established an Urban Redevelopment Plan and Area (URA) which includes five target neighborhoods. (These documents are included in Sec. XI “Attachments” below.) The breakdown of the total $5M allocation is as follows:

    First tranche: $1.5M for the Johnson St. Target Neighborhood and $1M for scattered sites within the URA; and,

    Second Tranche: $1.5M in another neighborhood within the URA, yet to be determined, and $1M for scattered sites.   

    It is anticipated that the priority for the first phase of the program will be for the rehabilitation of owner-occupied residential structures. A second phase will include the rehabilitation of investor-owned residential structures. New affordable housing construction may also be considered, but at a later date, since the main intent of the program is for housing rehabilitation.

    While administrative oversight of this Program will be overseen by the staff of the City’s Department of Planning and Development, the consultant should be prepared to represent and act on behalf of the City so as to provide a seamless provision of services to the community. Staff members will be available as needed to provide support to assist with the development of the program and its components. They will also be available to assist with community outreach including public meetings. Additionally, the City’s Finance Department will be involved; also the Public Works Department and the Department of Public Utilities, in order to allow for the inclusion of infrastructure improvements and neighborhood amenities, within the URA.

    1. Scope of Services

    In order to effectively initiate a start-up housing rehabilitation program, the following tasks should be addressed:

    1. Preparation of a “Housing Rehabilitation Policies and Procedures Handbook” for use by                                       program staff and contractors. This shall include:
    2.   Housing inspection protocols and forms;
    3. Procedures and resources (forms, handbooks and cost estimating guidance) for                      estimating needed repairs to homes;
    4. Procedures for obtaining bids from contractors to make repairs on behalf of the                     owner;
    5. The process for securing owner approval of proposed costs and a contract to make                      repairs;
    6. Process for periodic inspections during the repair period including preparation of                      inspection reports;
    7. Procedures for making loans and grants to property owners;
    8. Procedures, timelines and forms required under applicable law to properly record                            and attach liens/deeds of trust on subject property;
    9. Close-out of projects after completion; and,
    10. Any other procedure/process determined by consultant to be germane to Handbook.
    11. Upon completion, and approval by the City, of the above referenced “Housing Rehabilitation   Policies and Procedures Handbook”, (which will serve to define the parameters of the              program), consultant will work with the City to establish a mutually acceptable program         implementation plan that demonstrates effective administrative and management oversight           with appropriate staffing that meets the timeline of the ARPA funding requirements.
    12. Develop a financial reporting system for the Program with detailed procedures for the processing and approval of any loan and/or grant program in the overall program design.


    1. Provide assistance in creating an outreach and public information program to explain program goals, objectives, policies, and procedures including written materials for handouts to:
    2. Owner-occupied properties within the target Urban Redevelopment Area                     neighborhoods;
    3. Owner-occupied properties within other neighborhoods of the City;
    4. Owners of rental properties;
    5. Contractors who are able to perform housing inspection work;
    6. The public.


    1. Hold at least three public community meetings to explain the details of the proposed Housing Rehabilitation Program.


    1. Assist in creating a program data base using the County Assessor’s property data and City GIS staff to include:
    2. Ability to map all collected GIS data within the URA target neighborhoods.


    III. Submission Requirements:


    The purpose of this RFQ is to select a qualified planning and community development firm to provide professional services to the City for the purpose of developing and administering a comprehensive housing rehabilitation plan for the identified URA. Submission requirements include the following:


    • Delineate a detailed approach that your firm would utilize to operate and manage a comprehensive housing rehabilitation program for the City including, at a minimum, all of the components as listed in Sec. II ”Scope of Services” above;
    • Submit (in a separately sealed envelope) a detailed staffing plan that would be used to implement the Housing Rehabilitation Program, including resumes and hourly rates of principal staff to be assigned to the project; and,
    • Submit a detailed list of municipal references for similar services performed including project management and administration, preferably within the past five years.
    1. Contract Timeline
    • Consultant should be prepared to begin work within thirty (30) days of contract execution.
    • The ARPA funding criteria require that all funds be encumbered by December, 2024, with all expenditures completed by December, 2026.
    1. Potential Addendum Opportunity
    • Consultant should also consider the opportunity to extend services beyond the ARPA funding timeline since the City intends to apply for annual allotments of CHIP and CDGB funds from the State and these funds can total approximately $1M annually.
    1. Proposals, in its entirety, shall not be more than twenty-five (25) pages in length, single-spaced and single-sided, so only the most pertinent information describing your firm’s qualifications and ability to successfully perform the type of professional planning services described herein should be included. Proposals containing more than twenty five (25) pages will not be considered. It is the City’s intent to select firms based on their submittals to this RFQ, however, the City may, at its discretion, choose to interview a select number of firms it deems necessary.


    Proposals shall include –in a separate, enclosed envelope- a complete Schedule of Fees. Schedule of Fees shall include hourly rate(s) for all personnel and sub-consultants who will be performing services under this contract.  If the consultant is awarded the contract, this Schedule of Fees will be the basis for the final terms of City approved planning and design services.  Fee negotiations will be performed with the firm found to be the most qualified by the City’s evaluation committee based on the Schedule of Fees provided in the separate, enclosed envelope.


    Proposals shall include one (1) original, five (5) bound copies, and one (1) electronic submittal on flash drive of the consultant’s qualifications.  Proposals shall be provided in a sealed, opaque envelope/container and delivered by hand, courier service, or mailed via the United States Postal Service to the City of Statesboro Purchasing Office, attention: Darren Prather, Director of Central Services, 22 West Grady Street, Statesboro, Ga 30458 on or before 3:00 PM on the 26th day of October, 2021. No facsimiles or late submissions will be accepted. Each proposal submittal shall be prepared, tabbed and presented to include the information outlined below:


    In order for the Proposal to be considered responsive, Sections 1 through 5 must be completed as described below:


    Section 1 – Cover Letter and Corporate Information

    Provide the full legal name, firm’s principal business office with address and satellite offices, if any, and indicate the location from which professional services for the City of Statesboro shall be conducted. Include information on the firm’s history, business activities, size, employees (per office), and ownership. Include telephone number, point(s) of contact and official signature of an authorized company representative. Indicate whether you operate as a single proprietorship, partnership, or corporation.  Identify the state(s) in which you are incorporated and/or licensed to operate.  Provide descriptions of projects/programs where the respondent firm is currently providing or has provided the required services described herein this RFP in the last five (5) years. All descriptions should include a summary of the nature and extent of services provided.


    Section 2 – Project Team

    Provide an organizational chart showing professional and technical staff. Provide key personnel resumes along with any sub-consultant/subcontractor proposed. Include any personnel certifications and licenses for each key personnel.


    Section 3 – Project Descriptions and References

    Provide project descriptions of recent work, within the last five (5) years, of similar nature to the specific project categories and types referenced herein. Provide name of client, a brief description of the work, dates/completion status and reference contact information (phone, email, and mailing address). Demonstrate experience and familiarity with the Scope of Services described herein.


    Section 4 – Professional Liability Insurance Requirements

    Provide copy of current Certificate of Insurance.  Insurance coverage shall include $1M per occurrence and $2M aggregate liability insurance coverage.


    VII. Selection Criteria


    Consideration by the City’s evaluation committee shall be based on the following:


    • Quality of the response to the Request for Proposals
    • Unique qualifications and methodologies.
    • Innovative ideas and concepts.
    • Proven capability to successfully manage the Program.
    • Clearly demonstrated understanding of the objectives described herein.
    • Clearly demonstrated ability to develop effective, real-life solutions for challenging, multi-faceted projects.
    • Clearly demonstrated success validated by references in past similar projects.
    • Key personnel experience.




    Proposals will be evaluated and ranked based on the following point scale:


    1. Relevant Firm’s Experience within the past five (5) years

    working with Comparable Municipalities;                                                 40 Points


    1. Municipal References;               20 Points


    1. Professional Qualifications and Experience of Assigned

    Personnel; and,                                                                                         20 Points

    1. Geographic Location and Prompt Availability to the City

    of Statesboro; and,                                                                                       20 Points



    Total Points Available: 100 Points


    VIII. Consultant Billing:


    Services performed under this contract will be performed by Task Orders.  Task Orders shall be performed pursuant to a “not-to-exceed” budget. For each Task Order the consultant shall prepare a detailed scope of work, a payment schedule, and a schedule of deliverables for review and approval by the Director of Planning and Development, or his/her designee.  The consultant shall provide all services necessary to satisfy the scope of work negotiated.  The consultant shall work with the Director of Planning and Development, or his/her designee, who will indicate needs and assist in achieving the desired scope of work. Upon approval, the City may issue a Notice to Proceed (“NTP”) that specifies the “not to exceed” dollar amount of the Task Order as well as the start work and completion dates.  Upon completion of services per Task Order, the consultant shall maintain and forward to the Director of Planning and Development, or his/her designee, detailed billing statements which set forth, at a minimum, the number of hours (broken into job classification and hourly billing rate) and costs of services for each Task Order performed.


    No services shall be rendered by the consultant prior to receiving the City’s written authorization, as it pertains to a specific Task Order or Project. Said authorization shall only be provided by the Director of Planning and Development or his/her designee.  The City reserves the right to cancel a Task Order at any time at the City’s discretion if it is in the best interest of the City. Upon the cancellation of an outstanding Task Order, the City will pay the Consultant for any authorized work that has been satisfactorily performed, up to and through the date of cancellation. In the event of cancellation, the consultant will not be entitled to any additional compensation for unauthorized work, work unsatisfactorily performed, or anticipated loss of profits due to such cancellation.



    1. Lobbying:


    The lobbying of the Procurement Evaluation Committee, City employees, or local elected officials regarding this solicitation of services is strictly prohibited from the time the RFQ is advertised until the time the Mayor and City Council formally consider and approve the recommendations of the Evaluation Committee at an official city council meeting.



    1. Disclaimer/EEO:


    The City reserves the right to waive technicalities and informalities and to accept those proposals that best fit the scope of services anticipated and are deemed to be in the best interest of the City.  The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals at no cost to the City.  The City provides an Equal Opportunity procurement process and does not discriminate based on race, creed, gender, age, sexual orientation, or national origin.



    1. Annual Goals for MFBE Participation

    An annual percentage goal for overall MFBE prime and subcontract participation in City procurement contracts shall be twenty percent. The annual goal is not to be applied to individual contracts, but rather, is intended to serve as a benchmark against which to measure the overall effectiveness of the nondiscrimination in purchasing and contracting program on an annual basis. Prime contractors shall make a good faith effort to reach the goal set out in this Section.


    XII. Attachments


    Affordable Housing Plan –


    Urban Redevelopment Plan and Area –

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