The Engineering Division provides oversight of roadway maintenance and improvement projects; traffic engineering studies, planning, and improvements; encroachment permits; driveway standards and policies; and, is responsible for administering the City’s resurfacing and striping program.  In addition, the Division is responsible for maintaining the records and providing lot sales for the Eastside Cemetery.


The Stormwater Division provides oversight of drainage maintenance and improvement projects and is responsible for administering the City’s Stormwater UtilityFlood Plain Damage Prevention OrdinanceTree Ordinance; and, Soil Erosion, Sedimentation & Pollution Control Ordinance.

Protective Inspections

The Protective Inspections Division is responsible for performing Building, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, and ADA Inspections on all residential & commercial construction within the City of Statesboro to ensure they are in compliance with applicable building codes.