• I think I may have a gas leak. What should I do?

    To report a leak between 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., please call the Statesboro Natural Gas office at (912) 764-0693.

    For after hours emergencies, please call the Statesboro Police Department at (912) 764-6154.

    If you smell gas or think you may have a gas leak within your home or business:

    • Leave the house or business immediately
    • Do not operate any electrical appliances (lights, phone, computers, etc.)
    • Call Statesboro Natural Gas department from outside of the home or business
  • Is Natural Gas service available in my area?

    Statesboro Natural Gas services portions of Screven, Bulloch, and Candler counties. To verify service in your area, please call Statesboro Natural Gas Department at (912) 764-0693. The Natural Gas Department is located within Statesboro City Hall.

    Statesboro Natural Gas services portions of Screven, Bulloch, and Candler counties.

  • How do I apply for natural gas service?

    Just call, or stop by Statesboro City Hall and find out if our natural gas lines are located near you. Then fill out and return a gas tap application to receive service. Upon the approval of your application, we will schedule a time to run a service line to your home.

    If your home or business is already connected to a gas line, but you need service, you can create an account online or come to City Hall.

    ** There is a $75.00 deposit for residential gas accounts**
    **For commercial gas accounts deposit, contact the Customer Service Manager**

    Along with a clean, convenient, and affordable fuel, take a look at the other benefits you will enjoy from Statesboro Natural Gas.

    •   installs and maintains all natural gas service lines and meters
    • offers discounts toward the conversion of appliances to natural gas
    • provides your bill and handles your payment
    • reads your meter
    • provides initial turn-on and appliance inspection
    • offers complete installation services for your home or business through our licensed business partner
    • offers outstanding customer service
  • Should I always call before I start to dig?

    YES. Always Call Before You Dig 1-800-828-7411 or visit www.gaupc.com

    Statesboro Natural Gas - Dig Safely

    If digging requires any type of mechanical device, please call before you dig.
    Mechanical devices include: excavator, auger, trenchers, etc.)

  • What are the benefits of using gas in my home or business?

    There are several benefits of using gas.

    1. Natural gas is the dominant energy source for home heating with more than 53% of American homes using gas. Natural gas will continue to be a major U.S. energy source into the 21 st century.
    2. Natural gas is America ‘s best energy value. That’s why natural gas use has increased by 35% over the last decade, and is projected to grow by 40% by 2015. On average, electricity costs three (3) times more to use in your home than natural gas.
    3. Natural gas is “Made in America .” 99% of the supplies used in the U.S. are produced in North America , and there are abundant supplies.
    4. Natural gas is safe and reliable. The 1.3 million mile underground natural gas pipeline delivery system has an outstanding safety record.
    5. Natural gas is a wise environment choice because it is the cleanest and most efficient fossil fuel. Most electricity comes from coal, which produces far more emissions than natural gas. Unlike electricity, natural gas produces no solid waste.
  • Should I buy gas appliances?

    Well, natural gas appliances typically cost less to operate than appliances using other energy sources. In addition to the overall savings you will enjoy, we would like to help you with the initial cost of converting your appliances. When you switch your existing appliances to natural gas appliances*, you will receive discounts on the purchase and installation of the following:

    • Gas Advantage $ 600.00
    • Water Heater FREE (Plus $ 125.00 Rebate)
    • Cooking Range $ 50.00
    • Clothes Dryer $ 50.00
    • Gas Logs $ 50.00
    • Gas Lights $ 150.00
    • Piping Allowance $ 200.00

    Just call Statesboro Natural Gas for details on this program at (912) 764-0693.

    *Purchase and installation can be through any local, licensed contractor, or if you need assistance, call the Statesboro Natural Gas Department.

  • What are the rates for gas in our area?

    Residential and Industrial rates vary from month to month.

    The November 2005 rate for Residential natural gas is _____.

    The November 2005 rate for Industrial natural gas is ________.

    Listed below is a simple look at how Statesboro Natural Gas computes your monthly gas bill.

    There are three main components to your bill each month:

    • The first is a base or customer service charge. This charge enables us to serve and maintain your account and includes meter reading, billing, payment processing, etc. The amount is the same every month whether or not any gas is used.
    • Next is the cost of natural gas itself. Gas prices will fluctuate from month to month according to the market. When calculating your bill, we use the most recent 12 month average of spot market natural gas prices. This way, your bill will remain stable as gas prices rise and fall.
    • The third component of your bill is the cost of transporting natural gas from the producer to your home.

    Even though we are the only natural gas company that serves your area, our rates will always be competitive. Since Statesboro Natural Gas is a city-owned gas system, we exist only to provide valuable services to our residents and customers. Energy costs cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy; however, we are committed to delivering a reliable, efficient fuel to your home or business at the lowest possible price.

  • Is Statesboro Natural Gas affected by deregulation in Georgia?

    NO. Deregulation is voluntary and applies only to investor-owned utilities. Municipal systems, like Statesboro Natural Gas, are exempt from deregulation. This means that Statesboro Natural Gas will continue to be your sole natural gas provider. So, you do not have to worry about dealing with two different companies. All you need is one reliable service!