Lake Sal

Project Description

Project Status Update & Future Plans:

  • Completed Tasks
    • January 30, 2023: City staff along with representatives from the Project Team (Goodwyn Mills Cawood, LLC, and OptiRTC, Inc.) met with the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) to share project background information and to request permission to access the lake for survey.
    • Early-February: Finalized permission letter between City and HOA to access Lake Sal.
    • Late-February: Project Team conducted a bathymetric survey of the ground elevation throughout the entire area of the lake.
    • Early/Mid-March: Project Team processed the survey data to calculate overall storage of the lake at various water levels.
  • Ongoing Tasks
    • Engineer is updating the watershed model to determine impact on drawing down water level ahead of a storm to reduce impact on flooding, and to assess if additional modifications (e.g., dredging or outfall modification) are necessary to eliminate flooding from the target design storm.
  • Future Tasks
    • Engineer to meet with City to share model results, design recommendation, and estimated costs.
    • City and Project Team to share results with Homeowner’s Association to determine path forward.