If you are on a sewer system, all of the drains in your house are connected to a single pipe that leads to the street. The pipe in the street collects the wastewater form all the homes in your area and takes it a larger pipe that collects water from other streets. The wastewater then flows into still bigger pipes that connect various neighborhoods. Think of large tree with your house at the tip of a branch near the top. Like the tree branches that are bigger nearer the ground, the pipes in the wastewater collection system are larger and contain more liquid as they near the wastewater treatment plant. Here, the wastewater is treated and cleaned so that it can be put back into the environment without harming anything. If you are not connected to a sewer system, the liquid wastes from your home go into a septic tank, where most of the solids settle out. The water then goes into a leach field, pipes buried in the ground that have holes in the bottom. The water seeps out of these holes and into the ground.

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