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Stormwater Utility Bills

August 17, 2015

The City of Statesboro has created a new utility fee to fund Stormwater Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M). This monthly fee is to be billed to all developed properties within the City beginning in August 2015. For additional information, please visit our Stormwater page.

  • William K. Bunch

    Yeah how much is Homeowners gonna pay vs The Big Companies like Great Dane and Walmart that the City and the State have given HUGE tax breaks to…I will also point out that within the city limits there are broken sidewalks if there is a sidewalk at all, The city in 5 years have done NOTHING about this. Yet you keep asking for more and more money…Its clearly not being spent on social programs as Education and Healthcare for the Mentally Ill keep getting cut…The posh city council needs to reevaluate who they are working for….Its not the citizens of Statesboro…The city can afford new cop cars, new welcome center but with 49% of Statesboro living on 12k a year the Public Office workers are enjoying a nice salary off the backs of these same citizens. You brought in Walmart, Great Dane, and others yet salaries are stagnated and nothing ever changes…Being Mentally Ill in Georgia is a death sentence….30% of college students LEAVE because there are no jobs. I have an IT Degree and the Department of Labor offers me a fry cook position…thats a joke. College Student rent is skyrocketing and local legislation is turning a blind eye… You don’t have to say anything…your inaction speaks very loud. Georgia needs a New Deal because this one is crap….Just ask yourself What would FDR do? A bunch of self righteous religious hypocrites….All pocketing the taxpayer dollar every month in that fat paycheck and providing NOTHING for people who are trying to get back to work. Republicans and their do nothing policies and Democrats with no backbone. Pathetic. But everyone of you are still cashing that taxpayer check while bitching about what Grandma is buying with her SNAP… No kids = No Help, and you wonder why people are having babies like gum ball machines… Your policies are a dismal failure… Lets cut your paycheck and fund this project…I think that would be a better use of City funds.

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